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Five Reasons to Add the Marketing Doc to Your Team

^  Coaches you how to write, design and send a marketing message directly to a prospect and       a customer!
^  The proficiencies​ of the Direct Mail Success content, and the writing skill set, as an industry         leader, led to the delivery of over 5 million Direct Mail Success and On Target newsletters.
The strategy of direct marketing, as coined by Lester Wunderman in the 1950’s, “is      advertising directly to the consumer.” An advertising message, sent to a consumer, provided      a direct path to the person’s mailbox, without the noise of other advertisers.
^  In the early 1990’s, as more companies used direct mail to reach their customers, the Direct      Mail Success newsletter arrived. Direct Mail Success instructed and developed ideas for the      lettershops and their customers to strive for a better response rate.
^  In 2009, digital marketing was introduced. Many smart marketers began to use a direct        marketing strategy and its tactical tools to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing.      When paired with each other, it reminded marketers and advertisers, marketing is still all      about the customer.

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