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Did You check Your Database, or CMS or CRM?

Our What?

OK, may be a bit too much tongue and cheek. Seriously though, in the small biz marketing dictionary, D comes first before Advertising. And a digital marketing strategy has opened the eyes of many companies on the value of data.

What tactical tools encompass digital marketing as we know it today?

Here’s our short list.
1. A blog with new ideas in your industry.
2. Content marketing.
3. The web developer’s SEO cheat sheet.
4. Building the ultimate landing page.
5. Creating compelling content.
6. Content distribution strategies for a blog, content marketing, website, advertising and creative offers.
7. The length of all marketing and advertising communications.
8. Google analytics and key performance indicators.
Data Driven Marketing.

These nine points are great for any small biz to consume as a mere starting point in the world of digital marketing. Don’t try to get all nine up and running at one time. It’ a good strategy to work into you existing marketing strategy by setting deadlines. Your marketing team will need the time to get it right.
People who read this blog, will note there is a lot of crossover from our direct and customer-centric marketing strategies. Data is leading marketers into the world of digital marketing.

Let’s look at data in context with digital marketing.

Data is a lot of work. Interpreting data is more than a lot of work. Technology changes too fast. And the list can go on forever.
In real time, companies wait for the next bout of technology to take effect. Or wait until the next new and better version. Or just wait.
If you collect data and do not react to it, you’re missing many opportunities and not realizing it. So, don’t just sit there and wonder “where have all my customers gone?”
Start learning more about your customers and compare them to your prospects, to regain those rock-hardened relationships you once had.

Great marketing starts with an analysis of your current customers habits. Plus, there is no better place, to start your voyage into data.

If your company is like many small businesses today, you probably have a decent customer-centric marketing (CCM) strategy and using some type of CRM. Customers are at the center of all your marketingactivities. If you have no data, you are warned.
Next, using Google Analytics or another data form, start mapping a customer journey and building better customer profiles. If you are looking for an instructive article about customer segmentation and vertical marketing, check out this post. Remember, close to 20% of your contact list can change yearly.
When using data analytics, the collected and reviewed data will present more ideas on what a customer likes and buys. If you feel your marketing team is lacking in this area, don’t feel alone. You may be lacking the right person. You should have a person who is a problem solver. One who is not afraid to test assumptions. Willing to walk the plank for the company.                                                
             Try mixing old and new data, examine the balance of the data that you have, it may trigger a few marketing ideas. Even looking at existing customers and past customer behavior, can add other changes to your customer profiles, segments and vertical markets

The data collected provides you with a better picture of your buyer’s journey after each marketing program. Further, the data analysis increases the odds of selling sell more products and turning more prospects into customers. Lastly, this work takes time, but it must be done if your glamour is for marketing success.​  
Using data analytics is great on how your customers react to landing pages, email, social media messages, and yes, even direct mail. The analysis may likely tell you many ways to increase personalization accuracy and give you additional ideas for future testing.
Direct mail, direct marketing and digital marketing, when teamed together, is a small biz marketing model for growth.
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