What makes our mcgMarketing e-Val so valuable to a Small Biz?

So Your Business Can Maximize Marketing ​Opportunities!

Our evaluation program leads us to determine your company’s marketing worth and to gain insight into your prior and existing marketing strategies. Once the effectiveness of your present marketing strategies is determined, we’ll identify how additional strategic change will lead us to modifications, and your goal attainment.
Marketing Doc 

Our Goal number one, is to help your small biz to increase customers and revenue.

Some common areas for our e-Value-ate are: Your complete marketing and advertising program, direct marketing mail, customer-centric marketing, advertising, data, analytics, personalization, customer profiles, solution providers, segmentation, copywriting, websites, landing pages, B2B, small biz, prospecting, channel selection, ideas, testing, call-to-action, offers, email, video, CRM, relationships, engagements, customers, headlines, accountability, proofing, positioning, branding, features, benefits, customer-centric, customer feedback, design, mailing lists, and so on.

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Our Commitment To You: 
Learn More About You and Your Small Biz wants and needs.​
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Your marketing and advertising is critical for your company’s success.​ 
” I trained as a solution provider throughout my business career. I look for problems and once found, I recommend changes that will lead to a solution. 
On the next page, you’ll see a variety of the marketing strategies I use for making my clients marketing stronger​, using creative marketing and advertising, specifically for their small biz. 
Mike Deuerling, aka: Marketing Doc.

Our marketing experience removes a large portion of the guesswork out of your important marketing decisions.”

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