Select one of the three modules in our MCG-eVal process to help us to determine the strength of your company’s marketing strategies and advertising tactics.

    1. Situation Analysis – Precisely define your company and your product or service. If you offer a product, define what it is, how it’s used, how it’s put together, and what the expected results are. If you offer a service, tell what you have to sell in seven words or less, what a customer receives when they buy it, how the service will perform for the person and who purchases it, and specify the single most important benefit. Then, in order of importance, describe which features will appeal to your marketplace.
“Since I started my company, there are over 2,000 companies who I assisted in better money making marketing and advertising. Seriously, I really enjoy helping people.” ​  Marketing Doc      

The regular price of each module is based on the size of your company

    3 SWOT Analysis -SWOT, is one of the most popular marketing terms used in competitive research and in direct and digital marketing programs. As you review the competition, your segmentation strategies and customers, keep SWOT in the forefront of your mind. SWOT will help you find answers to your most troubling marketing questions.

Normally, a complete Mcg-eVal.u.ate, using all 18 modules, is based on company size plus employees on the marketing team.Your special price is…

    2. Segments – Identifying the most profitable group for your products and services and then selecting the most efficient and effective communication methods. Segmentation is the process of separating a market group into groups of customers, prospective customers, and other that share the same characteristics or buying patterns. 

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