WHY and HOW We eValulate.

To wit: When evaluating existing marketing and advertising programs, we provide you solutions and ideas to reach your goals. Our leadership skills will help to build a unique marketing skill set for your company. 

Here are the 5 unique strategies, some we used for a business, since 1984. These creative strategies are the foundation of a report with solutions and ideas based on your company information.

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Why A Data Driven Marketing Strategy?
May we quote, according to Fospha, “Customer Data Platform Specialists,” director Sam Carter stated: 

Without fully integrated customer data, businesses are unable to fully engage their customers and drive conversions at sustainably low cost, retain customers and build brand loyalty.” 


Why a Direct Marketing Strategy?

You need a customer-focus mentality to see and understand why your customers buy or not buy. There is nothing better than weaving a direct marketing strategy and its many tactical choices to reach, attract and sell more to your target market audience. In one word, AWESOME! 


Why a Multi-Channel Strategy?

Multi-channel Marketing uses a variety of communication channels to reach your target. Such as direct mail, email, landing pages and channels in social media, are hitting their target market with very good results.


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Why a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy?

The customer is the center of your universe and all your products and services must meet their needs and wants. Many times more than not. People don’t buy products or services – they buy solutions.                 LEARN MORE!

Why a Digital Marketing Strategy?

There are different types of customer profiles, behavior, and competitors. Designing solutions for your business to attract and retain customers, get end-to-end visibility into all campaigns, from impression to revenue. Easily combine data from different sources to get new insights.


Our Goal: This Website Will Enable Your Business to Increase Customers and Revenue.

Your Goal? Let us know – Answerme@dmcm.net – what you need.

HOW: The efficiencies of Direct Marketing led to the delivery of over 5 Million Direct Mail Success newsletters. 
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We are knowledgeable.
There are 3 business models that work for a business. Request our FREE Infographics “Four Channels of Communication,” “4by4 Communicate Path,” and the “Business Marketing Model, Direct2Customer.”

The time we spend learning about you and your business, enables us to select the unique attributes of strategies that will work for your company.​
Visit our blog and check out the 370 published post on Direct and Customer-centric Marketing stratagies.

The business marketing fact still remains that those who “have a need for what you have to offer must be aware of what you have to offer.”

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Five Reasons to Add the Marketing Doc to Your Team

^  Coaches you how to write, design and send a marketing message directly to a prospect and       a customer!
^  The proficiencies​ of the Direct Mail Success content, and the writing skill set, as an industry         leader, led to the delivery of over 5 million Direct Mail Success and On Target newsletters.
The strategy of direct marketing, as coined by Lester Wunderman in the 1950’s, “is      advertising directly to the consumer.” An advertising message, sent to a consumer, provided      a direct path to the person’s mailbox, without the noise of other advertisers.
^  In the early 1990’s, as more companies used direct mail to reach their customers, the Direct      Mail Success newsletter arrived. Direct Mail Success instructed and developed ideas for the      lettershops and their customers to strive for a better response rate.
^  In 2009, digital marketing was introduced. Many smart marketers began to use a direct        marketing strategy and its tactical tools to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing.      When paired with each other, it reminded marketers and advertisers, marketing is still all      about the customer.