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Four Marketing Lessons Learned to Increase Your Revenue… 


how to accelerate your message frequency and boost response without killing the budget!

Imagine directly reaching consumers online – just like you do offline with direct marketing and mail plus a variety of selected channels, but at a much higher frequency of touches and not killing the budget!
Yes, with all the technology at your disposal, it’s a good possibly, especially using direct and digital marketing strategies. So, no matter what others are doing, make it a point to prepare your marketing and advertising communications to work for your company. Grab the response you need for success.

Now that I got you all excited about marketing – STOP!

What is the most important marketing component that strikes fear into too many small biz owners and managers? But wait. Let’s also include mid to large companies, because it is not just the small biz.
Yes, it’s your customer list. It’s your prospect list. Every company you came across with, large or small list.
Take advantage of available technology. There are many databases to consider purchasing. There is marketing automation. CRM’s. CMS’s. Make a quick review of what you need and what  automation can help you decide.
Need help? Check out this article, “Where have all my customers gone?Here are MarketingDoc’s, “Four Marketing Lessons Learned.”

Cross-selling tactics in multi-channel marketing.

It’s not a dream. Recently an article in Direct Marketing News discussed many corporations do not have or lack the resources to fully engage with their consumers. For example, many marketers know cross-selling tactics in a multi-channel marketing campaign can be quite successful by increasing touches, but a lack of talent and commitment from the corner office or the small biz owner is the biggest problem.
There are probably many other reasons, but you won’t hear any doubting Thomas from direct or digital marketers. They would jump at the chance to present a relevant message to a consumer numerous times without breaking the budget.
Can you name the most popular channels to use with direct marketing? Direct Mail, Website landing pages and email come in high on the small biz to do list, followed by social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Direct marketers know a good touch when they see one.

Most if not all direct marketing professionals have a very strong motivation gene in their DNA to go after the consumer tooth and nail. For instance, they write powerful copy. Offers no one can refuse. Dazzling design pulls the reader into direct and digital marketing. And, all direct marketing mail specialists know frequency of messages is like finding a pot of gold. Especially true, if you can do it below budget.

If you try that with direct mail only, it may cost you a pot of gold. There are no discounts for re-mailing. That’s where cross-selling and multi-channel marketing tactics can save any budget. Email and social media come to mind. Message relevancy and frequency can cause a consumer to stop and take notice and think – they must have a very good product! Awesome. 

Consumers like to play coy.

.Many successful marketing people like using direct marketing and mail techniques. The direct mail skill set was built to last 60 years ago in the direct marketing and direct response industry. Quite frankly, the fundamentals and techniques of direct mail and marketing are ideal in meeting two concerns of today’s marketers – 

1) get more people to buy a product and 2) how to reach these people efficiently.

Prospective customers don’t want to be sold to. Customers can decide where, when, and how they want to interact with a brand. They want to make their own decisions. This decision could be in two weeks or two months before they make a purchase.
With the capability of better web searches, social media and even communication with business associates, there is literally a mountain of information available for a consumer to gather. That’s a big reason frequency is an important direct marketing tactic used successfully with multi-channel communications.

We’ll say it again, “make sure your data works for you.”

Smart marketers know the most important component of direct marketing and mail are the names in your database. If you have a bad, old list of consumers, circa 2013, whatever you spend on that marketing campaign is wasted money.
If you have never built a consumer database, there is no better time than the present to start. Direct and digital marketing with mail work much better with an updated database. So, does social media. Cross-selling and multi-channel communications get a better response. It even makes your customer service better. The list of accolades for a great list is lengthy.
Customers are happier when they receive relevant marketing messages. Revenue increases with every marketing campaign. Data is the business lifeblood needed to succeed with a growing business. 

Start today. We’re here to help.

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